Tampa Fish Species

Florida Raised Fishing Adventures Fish Species Questions

What kind of fish is in Tampa Bay?

In Tampa Bay, anglers with Florida Raised Fishing Adventures, led by Captain Steven, can encounter a diverse range of fish species. Notably, popular catches include snook, redfish, trout, tarpon, and snapper, providing an exciting mix of inshore fishing opportunities. Captain Steven's expertise ensures a memorable fishing experience, guiding you to the best spots for targeting these prized species in the abundant waters of Tampa Bay.

What is the biggest fish caught in Tampa Bay?

With Florida Raised Fishing Adventures, Captain Steven has guided anglers to catch some impressive trophy fish in Tampa Bay. While individual records may vary, it's not uncommon for anglers under Captain Steven's expertise to reel in sizable snook, redfish, or tarpon. 

Can you eat fish from Tampa Bay?

Absolutely! With Florida Raised Fishing Adventures and Captain Steven, not only can you enjoy the thrill of catching fish in Tampa Bay, but you can also savor the delicious rewards. 

A Florida Raised Fishing Adventures Fishing Charter targets the top Tampa Fish species including Redfish (Also Called Red Drum), Snook, Black Drum (Also Called Drum, Drummer), Red Snapper (Also Called Pensacola Red Snapper, Northern Red Snapper), Tripletail, Sea Trout (Also Called Speckled Trout, Spotted Sea Trout), Tarpon, Gag Grouper, Red Grouper, Goliath Grouper (Also Called Atlantic Goliath Grouper), Grey Snapper (Also Called Mangrove Snapper), Lemon Shark, and Blacknose Shark. We primarily Fish the Gulf of Mexico, Tampa Bay, Ruskin, St. Petersburg, St. Pete Beach, Clearwater, Apollo Beach, Bradenton, Skyway Fishing Pier, Skyway Bridge, Manatee River, Terra Ceia Bay, Fort De Soto, Old Tampa Bay.